Water Assessment:

Tested off a spectrum of 1-14, seven being neutral. Acidic based water goes toward 1, and respectively 14 is for base level water.

Marsh Creek Site 3 Pond's pH fell within normal range. June 6th saw a slightly more acidic pH, probably due to recent storms bringing run-off into the pond.


Dissolved oxygen is vital to sustaining life. GA Adopt-A-Stream states that dissolved oxygen (DO) "levels below 3ppm are stressful to most aquatic organisms. DO levels below 2 or 1 ppm will not support fish; levels 5 to 6 ppm are usually required for growth and activity"GA Adopt-A-Stream Manual.



Nitrate-nitrogen levels above 10 mg/L are considered unsafe for drinking.
Often times Nitrate-Nitrogen are introduced to the water via lawn fertilizers.

Marsh Creek Site 3 Pond showed no signs of Nitrate- Nitrogen.


PO3-4 (Phosphate):
Phosphate often can be traced back to detergents as well as fertilizers.

Marsh Creek Site 3 Pond showed no signs of phosphate in the water.


>1,000 cfu's/100mL is the level considered to be unsafe for drinking according to Georgia Adopt-A-Stream


The retention pond is located at the entrance of Glenridge Hall, along the right side of the bridge. It is a collection of impervious surface rainwater runoff from the surrounding local industrial businesses. Major contributors of the impervious surface area are UPS Capital Corporation building, Kaiser Permanente, America's Best Franchising and a parking desk for a multi-business complex. Due to these facilities, the water quality of this pond is poor and is a risk for health quality. Due the nature of water flowing to the lowest point, the pond is high in E.coli; the E.coli count has continuously been high with counts averaging ~2900 cfu/100mL. Conducting Analysis of the pond was one of the least enjoyable actives due to the risk of the water quality. The sample date of June 6th after moderate rains resulted in a low pH, yielding results of a slightly acidic water quality. In addition to observations to the pond, Several amphibious reptiles were noted: Copperhead snakes, snapping turtles and fishes. Dissolved Oxygen was slightly higher than avg conditions but well within the healthy parameters. This could possible be an explanation of the brown algae seen giving the water a murky brown tent. Team members of site 3 recommend continual monitoring of this pond.